Poetic Oneness

One quote from A Course of Love. It is my favorit and a very nice aligment for my adventure of being in the world but not of it. To me it puts everything right in perspective.

Your beauty is the gathering of the atoms,
the order in chaos,
the silence in solitude,
the grace of the cosmos.
Our heart is the light of the world.

We are one heart.

We are one mind.
One creative force gathering the atoms, establishing the order,
blessing the silence,
gracing the cosmos,
manifesting the light of the heart.
Here we live as one body,
experiencing communion,
the soul’s delight,
rather than otherness.
It is a seamless world,
a tapestry where

each thread is vibrant and strong.
A canticle
where each tone is pure

and indivisible.

A Course of Love



Some Secret You Do Not Know

[The text in Italics is from Chapter 5 (Equity of Love) from A Course of Love]

Be true to love, be true to yourself.

The text of ACOL (=A Course of Love) is available to let go of your idea that you have to learn something in order to know something. Another idea is that you have been on the mountaintop with Jesus, letting the transformation of your mind occur, using A Course in Miracles or another path, and are now more present in the world and are able to let what you experience within, be your world without. Do you recognize what I am saying.

My  example in this is that I have been in a center of A Course in Miracles for 5 years and spend my day watching video’s, connecting with the light within, teaching seminars, and joining with my brothers and sisters of ACIM. After some time of transition I find myself back in the Netherlands and try to be present here and deal with what is in front of me. It feels like I came down from the mountaintop and discover what it means to join with all aspects and inviting Jesus in every situation, to stay in a conscious connection as a new nature of my being. My personal experience is that light and grace are always available,  I don’t have to do anything for it, but it is there when needed. I rely on it and claim it, it’s my essence. Jesus says it like this:

As union begins to look more attractive to you, you are beginning to wonder how it comes about. There must be some secret you do not know. What is the difference, you ask, between setting a goal and achieving it and joining with something?

These do not have to be two separate things, but are made so by your choice, the choice to achieve what you will on your own. This is all the difference there is between union and separation. Separation is all you perceive on your own. Union is all that you invite me into and share with God. You cannot be alone nor without your Father, yet your invitation is necessary for your awareness of this presence. As I once was, you are both human and divine. What your human self has forgotten, your real Self retains for you, waiting only for your welcome to make it known to you once more.

There is an incredible relaxation that takes place when I read this. Actually it helps me to accept my human-ness. My divine-ness was always attractive to me and I loved to hang out there. But my human-ness was not so popular to me and I loved to ignore it. But as I go through this human life I discover I can’t ignore it, I have to deal with it. I have to allow Jesus in situation where I experience separation. Things I wanted to keep away from God or thought I had outgrown because of my spiritual development. The situations I have to deal with present themselves, you don’t have to look for them. One example. I worked in mental healthcare as a nurse and had always the idea that I was too quiet and didn’t really know how to deal with situations, I doubted my presence. Half a year ago I suddenly had an opportunity to work in mental hospitals after 20 years and I did it. My experience then was that my quiet presence brought peace and quiet in the place I was. Every time I worked, colleagues said, this is not an average day, normally its much more hectic here. This happened over and over. My own knowing myself and joining with where I find myself makes all the difference.
God is known to you within relationships, as this is all that is real here. God cannot be seen in illusion nor known to those who fear him. All fear is fear of relationships and thus fear of God. You can accept terror that reigns in another part of the world because you feel no relationship to it. It is only in relationship that anything becomes real. This you realize and so you strive to keep far from you all that in relationship with you would add to your discomfort and your pain. To think that any relationship can cause terror, discomfort, or pain is where you err in thinking of relationship.

You think that to come in contact with violence is to have a relationship with it. This is not so. If this were so, you would be joined to all you come in contact with and the world would be heaven indeed, as all you see became blessed by your holiness. That you move through your world without relating to it in any way is what causes your alienation from the heaven it can be.

So thank you for listening to my sharing. As a gift Jesus gives us today this exercise:

Remember now one lovely day, for each of you has had at least one that was a shining light in a world of darkness. A day in which the sun shone on your world and you felt part of everything. Every tree and every flower welcomed you. Every drop of water seemed to refresh your soul, every breeze to carry you to heaven. Every smile seemed meant for you, and your feet hardly seemed to touch the soft ground on which you walked. This is what awaits you as you join with what you see. This awaits you as you place no judgment on the world, and in so doing join with everything and extend your holiness across a world of grief, causing it to become a world of joy.

Read more ACOL (free first 20 chapters)


A good deed here, a bit of charity there..

Let’s get right down to it. First a gift. Mari Perron the scribe of A Course Of Love is reading to you in a lovely way the Course of Love. To listen to the first 8 chapters of the book A Course of Love click on the picture below:


It’s always new to listen to what is actually being said in the Course. The other day I was listening to the Prelude of ACOL and that put me to work, it made me look at myself. What am I thinking, what am I doing… And the experience that always follows is that of liberation, there is something I don’t have to do anymore, it’s the old way, it’s over, it’s not working that way anymore. But then there is also something that I lost sight off and need to pay attention to. But first, why don’t you read this:

You have decided that you know how to do good works but that you do not know how to do what God asks of you. You think, if God asked me to build a bridge I would build a bridge, and this is likely true. Yet you will not become the bridge. You refuse to recognize that the Christ in you provides the bridge that you need only walk across to bridge the distance between heaven and hell, between your separated self and union with God and all your brothers and sisters. You prefer to think a good deed here, a bit of charity there, is more important. You prefer to give up on yourself and to help others, without realizing that you can help no others until you have helped yourself. You prefer selflessness to self because this is your chosen way to abolish ego and to please God. This is not unlike the attitude of a good mother who decides to sacrifice herself for her children, without realizing that her sacrifice is not only unnecessary but undesirable. (ACOL Prelude, paragraph20)

Specially this is kicking …

You prefer to give up on yourself and to help others, without realizing that you can help no others until you have helped yourself. You prefer selflessness to self because this is your chosen way to abolish ego and to please God”.

It is YOUR chosen way to abolish ego and to please God… Does God needs pleasing? For you to make sure to be in heaven or to cover over your guilt feelings of yourself… I laugh at this, that is such a good eye opener… Your way to abolish the ego… ego trying to abolish itself. hahaha! I love it. You rather be selfless and do “good” works for what? I see this a lot in healthcare. Nurses etc trying to take care of clients and they get sick or burnout because it all gets too much and not really taking good care of themselves. Well, this is you trying to be selfless, this is me trying to be selfless… It’s funny and so accepted and valued.. Not necessary anymore. It’s undesirable to act like this anymore.

“You refuse to recognize that the Christ in you provides the bridge that you need only walk across to bridge the distance between heaven and hell, between your separated self and union with God and all your brothers and sisters”.

This says it all. It’s not so easy to directly hear what it says. But let it dawn on you.. There is a bridge between your separated self and union with God and everyone and that is the Christ in you!!

Thank you





A Course Of Love, special offer

For those who are interested to discover the experience of A Course Of Love here is a special offer. Sign up and get the first 20 chapters of the book. Just click on the picture:




For me personally I had an amazing experience reading chapter 20: “The Embrace”. It’s so nice to be able to have a very intimate moment where you can rest your head on Jesus’ shoulder and quietly come home.

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