Forgive reality? Turning the tables from the inside!

It’s astonishing!!! There is always a possibility to broaden your awareness. And with A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love, Jesus is speaking to you and showing you this simple thing, you always thought was like this, is not like that at all. He always shows you, from the inside, the collapse of the ideas you build your “reality” on, he shakes the foundation. He turns the table, he clears the decks! Or more so: Christ consciousness shining it’s light from within you. It is happening in you! There is no Christ outside of yourself.

Here is a part from chapter 6, B1, from A Course Of Love:

 Joining rests on forgiveness. This you have heard before without understanding what it is you would forgive.

You must forgive reality for being what it is. Reality, the truly real, is relationship.

You must forgive God for creating a world in which you cannot be alone.

You must forgive God for creating a shared reality before you can understand it is the only one you would want to have.

You have to forgive this reality for being different than you have always imagined it to be.

You have to forgive yourself for not being able to make it on your own, because you have realized the impossibility of doing so.

You have to forgive yourself for being what you are, a being who exists only in relationship.

You have to forgive all others for being as you are. They too cannot be separate, no matter how hard they try.

Forgive them.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive God

Then you will be ready to begin learning just how different it really is to live in the reality of relationship.

You will not be able to make it on your own. That is because of the reality DSC03935of Who you are. There is no need to separate or to make special or to work things out yourself. Luckily not. Your reality is different, it is one of joining, it is completely connected with every aspect of Creation. Yes alright, lofty ideas are not helping you right now. So let’s bring it back to simply cancel out your need to wrap your mind around what it is you need to forgive and how to do that. But to open your heart instead, who knows exactly what this is. No Yes, but… will help you here. It is a Course of Love.


The Way to God. Effortless..!?!

Your desire to be separate is the most insane desire of which you have conceived. Over all your longing for union you place this desire to be separate and alone. Your entire resistance to God is based on this. You think you have chosen to be separate from God so that you can make it on your own, and while you long to return to God and the heaven that is your home, you do not want to admit that you cannot get there on your own. You thus have made of life a test, believing that you can pass or fail through your own effort. Yet the more you struggle to do so on your own, the more you realize the futility of your efforts, even though you do not want to admit that your efforts are futile. You cling to effort as if it is the way to God, not wanting to believe all effort is in vain or that a simple solution exists. A simple solution within your world, a solution that requires no exertion on your part, is seen to be of little value. The individual, you reason, is made through all this effort and struggle and without it would not be. In this you are correct, for as you make of yourself an individual, you deny yourself your union with all others.(ACOL B1, Ch 5)

Passing or failing through my own efforts, what am I doing? I keep myself so busy and yet what for? To prove that I am an individual able to survive on my own.. it’s insane. …You cling to effort as if it is the way to God... Even in searching and finding God or walking your spiritual path you have high hopes and trust your efforts. Something that doesn’t need your effort cannot be of any value, you think. I have to DO in order to gain… No, not true. Are you not happy to hear you don’t have to do that? Probably not, it doesn’t fit in your frame of reference, or can you allow something new to occur?
Jesus continues:

This getting what you want that drives your life is proven time and time again to not be what you waDSC04449nt once you have achieved it. Yet you think when this occurs that you have simply chosen the wrong thing and so choose another and another, not stopping to realize that you choose among illusions. You are so surprised that you have not found happiness in what you seek! You continue living life as a test, driving yourself to follow one accomplishment with another, sure that the next one or the next will be the one to do the trick.

Can you hear this? And now what, you ask. Now nothing, NO ACTION REQUIRED!!!! It is accomplished, you don’t need to accomplish anything. Everything is right in front of you. Open your eyes, stop and take a look at your new world. I love this poetic description:

Remember now one lovely day,

for each of you has had at least one that was a shining light in a world of darkness.

A day in which the sun shone on your world and you felt part of everything.

Every tree and every flower welcomed you.

Every drop of water seemed to refresh your soul,

every breeze to carry you to heaven.

Every smile seemed meant for you,

and your feet hardly seemed to touch the soft ground on which you walked. 

This is what awaits you as you join with what you see.

This awaits you as you place no judgment on the world,

and in so doing join with everything and extend your holiness across a world of grief,

causing it to become

a world of joy.

I Dedicate All Thought to Union

When senseless  thoughts fill your mind, when resentments arise, when worry comes, repeat the thought that comes to  open your heart and  clear your mind:  “I dedicate all thought to  union.” As often  as  you need  to replace senseless  thoughts,  think  of this and say it to yourself not once but a hundred times a day if needed. You do not need to worry about what to replace your senseless thoughts with, as your heart will intercede by fulfilling its longing for union as soon as you have expressed your willingness to let it do so.
Chapter 5 from A Course of Love

I can only say it really works!!!
There are just a few exercises in ACOL this is the first one, simple and effective. Just do it and you will see..

Your heart leads the way

It is not so surprising to read in A Course Of Love about the heart. The heart and love are so connected in our language. But in ACOL we get the chance to look more specific and more exact at this idea of heart and how it functions. It doesn’t register like the brain or our intellect does, no it acts it moves, it connects, it extends naturally it would only be stopped by your “controlling” intellect or brain, or how you want to call it. You know from your own experience how things are being blocked by the interference of our intellect or “knowing” how things work.. No the heart is different, it is quiet but knows, it let’s things be and includes everything in and extends itself, no cognitive hickups of any kind but a natural flow, a natural care and a natural reationship without a limitation.
From chapter 3 of book one of A Course In Love: 

Our  hearts, in  contrast,  go  out  to  the  world,  to  the  suffering,  to  the weak of body and of mind. Our hearts are not so easily contained within the casing of our flesh and bone. Our hearts take wing with joy and break with sadness. Not so the brain that keeps on registering it all, a silent observer, soon to tell you that the feelings of your heart were foolishness indeed. It is to our hearts that we appeal for guidance, for there resides the one who truly  guides. 3.18  You who think this idea is rife with sentiment, sure to lead you to abandoning logic, and thereafter certainly to cause your ruin, I say to you again: take  heart. Such  foolishness  as your heart’s desires  will  save  you now. Remember it is your heart that yearns for home. Your heart that yearns for love remembered. Your heart that leads the way that, should you follow, will set you certainly on the path for home.

Here you see why it is what harmony is: it has one focus, it is in complete alignment with the universe: it wants you to come home in your Self. Under every hearts desire is the yearning for your home coming. If you sink in your heart you will know where your home coming takes place, it is what gratitude and joy is. Your intellect would register it but it would not allow you to be the home coming. When you come home there is no space for registering it, your heart will be full and your cup will run over…
Welcome Home

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